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NOC Russia   
Born 28 Oct 1986
Height1.77 m
Weight 74 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Marital status Married
Family Wife Svetlana, son Daniil, daughter Daria
Residence St. Petersburg, RUS
Languages English, Russian
Higher education Coaching, Sport Studies - Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health: St. Petersburg, RUS
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? He began fencing in 1995 in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.
Why this sport? He enjoyed pretending to be a sword fighter as a child, so he decided to take up fencing.
Handedness Right
General Interest
Nicknames Kolya (, 11 Aug 2013)
Hobbies Spearfishing. (, 2016)
Memorable sporting achievement Winning bronze in individual sabre at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. (Athlete, 14 Mar 2016)
Most influential person in career Coach Vladimir Dyachenko. (Athlete, 15 Jun 2014)
Sporting philosophy / motto "Failure urges me on. It means it's necessary to work more." (, 07 Nov 2012)
Awards and honours In recognition of his performance at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, he received the Order for Merits to the Fatherland [second grade] from the president of the Russian Federation. (, 13 Aug 2012)

He holds the title of Honoured Master of Sport in the Russian Federation. (Athlete, 14 Mar 2016)
Other information RETIREMENT
He retired from the sport after competing at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (Athlete, 05 Jul 2017)

Major Results
Year Rank Event Venue
Olympic Games
2016 Quarterfinal Individual Sabre Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2012 3 Individual Sabre London, England
2012 4 Team Sabre London, England
2008 4 Team Sabre Beijing, China
World Championships
2014 1 Individual Sabre Kazan, Russia
2013 2 Individual Sabre Budapest, Hungary
2011 1 Team Sabre Catania, Italy
2010 1 Team Sabre Paris, France
2009 4 Team Sabre Antalya, Turkey
2007 5 Team Sabre St. Petersburg, Russia
2006 3 Team Sabre Turin, Italy
European Championships
2015 3 Individual Sabre Montreux, Switzerland
2013 3 Individual Sabre Zagreb, Croatia
2013 7 Team Sabre Zagreb, Croatia
2009 8 Individual Sabre Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2008 1 Team Sabre Kiev, Ukraine
2006 3 Team Sabre Izmir, Turkey