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VEZZALI Valentina
NOC Italy   
Born 14 Feb 1974 in Jesi, ITA
Height1.64 m
Weight 53 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Marital status Married
Family Husband Domenico Giugliano, sons Pietro and Andrea
Residence Jesi, ITA
Occupation Athlete, Government Official, Police Officer
Languages English, Italian
Higher education Accounting - Technical Institute of Commerce: Jesi, ITA
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? She began fencing at age six at Club Scherma Jesi in Italy.
Why this sport? Her sister was involved in the sport and Vezzali wanted to emulate her.
Club / Team GS Fiamme Oro: Rome, ITA
Name of coach Andrea Cipressa [national], ITA; Giulio Tomassini [personal], ITA
Handedness Right
International Debut
Year 1993
Competing for Italy
Tournament World Championships
Location Essen
General Interest
Nicknames Cobra, Vale, Valeoro (, 19 May 2015;, 19 Jun 2013)
Memorable sporting achievement Competing at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, because it was her first as a mother. (, 22 Apr 2015)
Most influential person in career Her first coach Ezio Triccoli. (, 22 Apr 2015)
Hero / Idol German fencer Anja Fichtel. (, 27 Sep 2007)
Injuries In November 2011 she was hospitalised with head and abdominal injuries after being involved in a car crash in Perugia, Italy. (, 22 Jul 2012)

She underwent surgery on her left knee in 2006 to repair ligament damage. (, 28 Sep 2011)
Sporting philosophy / motto "It's vital to manage to find the right second and the way in which to put the action into place. That means combining time, distance and speed." (, 22 Apr 2015)
Awards and honours She was Italy's flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. (, 25 Jul 2012)

She was named a Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in 2000 and a Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in 2008. (, 10 Apr 2011)
Famous relatives Her husband Domenico Giugliano played professional football for several clubs in the Italian league. (, 22 Apr 2015)
Other information RETIREMENT
She retired from fencing following at the 2016 World Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She had made the decision after it was confirmed she would miss out on qualification for the 2016 Olympic Games the previous year. "I did a lot as an athlete. Sport is a great training ground for life. Everyone is talking about the social value of sport and I will work for this. I will be present in my world in a different way." (, 28 Apr 2016;, 28 Nov 2015)

In January 2013 she accepted an offer from outgoing Italian premier Mario Monti to be considered for a seat in parliament. In February 2013 her seat was confirmed. "What drove me to take on this new challenge is the will to give a voice to sport. I think Italy could do a lot for sport and that sport could give so much back in return. In politics, sport is regarded as a minor topic and I really believe we could do so much, so I am working for this to happen." (, 22 Apr 2015;, 13 Aug 2013;, 08 Jan 2013)

She equalled the Italian record of six summer Olympic gold medals with victory in team foil at the 2012 Games in London. She also became one of only four athletes to have won a medal in the same event at five different Olympic Games. She won gold in individual foil in 2000, 2004 and 2008, silver in 1996 and bronze in 2012. ( 20 Aug 2012)

In 2009 she appeared on the Italian version of the reality television show 'Dancing With the Stars'. In 2006 she released her autobiography called 'A Viso Scoperto' [With Uncovered Face]. (, 28 Sep 2011;, 08 Mar 2009)

Major Results
Year Rank Event Venue
Olympic Games
2012 1 Team Foil London, England
2012 3 Individual Foil London, England
2008 1 Individual Foil Beijing, China
2008 3 Team Foil Beijing, China
2004 1 Individual Foil Athens, Greece
2000 1 Individual Foil Sydney, Australia
2000 1 Team Foil Sydney, Australia
1996 1 Team Foil Atlanta, GA, United States
1996 2 Individual Foil Atlanta, GA, United States
World Championships
2015 1 Team Foil Moscow, Russia
2014 1 Team Foil Kazan, Russia
2014 3 Individual Foil Kazan, Russia
2013 8 Individual Foil Budapest, Hungary
2011 1 Individual Foil Catania, Italy
2011 2 Team Foil Catania, Italy
2010 1 Team Foil Paris, France
2010 3 Individual Foil Paris, France
2009 1 Team Foil Antalya, Turkey
2009 5 Individual Foil Antalya, Turkey
2007 1 Individual Foil St. Petersburg, Russia
2007 5 Team Foil St. Petersburg, Russia
2006 2 Individual Foil Turin, Italy
2006 2 Team Foil Turin, Italy
2005 1 Individual Foil Leipzig, Germany
2005 7 Team Foil Leipzig, Germany
2004 1 Team Foil New York, NY, United States
2003 1 Individual Foil Havana, Cuba
2003 4 Team Foil Havana, Cuba
2002 5 Individual Foil Lisbon, Portugal
2002 7 Team Foil Lisbon, Portugal
2001 1 Individual Foil Nīmes, France
2001 1 Team Foil Nīmes, France
1999 1 Individual Foil Seoul, South Korea
1999 5 Team Foil Seoul, South Korea
1998 1 Team Foil La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
1998 3 Individual Foil La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
1997 1 Team Foil Cape Town, South Africa
1995 1 Team Foil The Hague, Netherlands
1995 3 Individual Foil The Hague, Netherlands
1994 2 Individual Foil Athens, Greece
1994 2 Team Foil Athens, Greece
European Championships
2015 5 Individual Foil Montreux, Switzerland
2014 3 Individual Foil Strasbourg, France
2012 7 Individual Foil Legnano, Italy
2011 2 Individual Foil Sheffield, England
2010 1 Individual Foil Leipzig, Germany
2010 1 Team Foil Leipzig, Germany
2009 1 Individual Foil Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2008 5 Team Foil Kiev, Ukraine
2007 2 Individual Foil Ghent, Belgium
2003 2 Individual Foil Bourges, France
2003 2 Team Foil Bourges, France
2001 1 Individual Foil Koblenz, Germany
2001 1 Team Foil Koblenz, Germany
1999 1 Individual Foil Bolzano, Italy
1998 1 Individual Foil Plovdiv, Bulgaria