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NOC Italy   
Born 18 Nov 1978 in Livorno, ITA
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Family Wife Olga, daughter Olimpia [2017]
Residence Rome, ITA
Occupation Athlete
Languages English, Italian
Sport Specific Information
Why this sport? He initially took up foil but switched to sabre so he could follow in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather.
Club / Team GS Fiamme Azzurre: Italy
Handedness Right
General Interest
Nicknames Il Manzo [Beef]. (, 23 Jul 2014)
Hobbies Motorcycling. (, 06 May 2019)
Memorable sporting achievement Winning gold in individual sabre at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. (, 22 Mar 2017)
Injuries He had an injured peroneal tendon in his left ankle at the 2011 World Championships in Catania, Italy. He was still able to win gold in individual sabre at the event. He had surgery on the injury in October 2011. (ESCRIME XXI, 16 Oct 2011)

He sustained a right hamstring injury at the 2006 World Championships in Turin, Italy. (ESCRIME XXI, 16 Oct 2011)
Sporting philosophy / motto "No pain, no glory." (, 23 Jul 2014)
Awards and honours He was named Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in 2004. (, 12 Apr 2011)
Famous relatives He is the third generation of his family to win a fencing medal for Italy at the Olympic Games. His grandfather Aldo won silver in sabre at the 1936 Games in Berlin. His father Mario Aldo was part of the Italian sabre team that claimed gold in Munich in 1972. He also won silver medals at the 1976 and 1980 Olympic Games. His uncles Mario Tullio and Tommaso were on the same team as his father in 1976, while a third uncle Carlo won silver in team foil in 1976. (, 2015;, 25 Aug 2008)
Ambitions To compete at the 2020 Olympic Games. (, 15 Feb 2019)
Other information OTHER ACTIVITIES
He has served as president of the International Fencing Federation [FIE] Athletes' Commission. (, 07 Oct 2017)

He is allergic to casein, a protein found in milk, that prevents him eating any kind of cheese. In November 2015 he had to go to hospital after suffering a severe reaction while at a restaurant in Forli, Italy. In June 2016 he required medical treatment for the allergy after attending the celebrations to mark the 70th year of the Italian Republic at the Quirinal Palace in Rome. (, 02 Jun 2016;, 16 Nov 2015)

In August 2018 he and his wife Olga were on holiday in the Gili Islands, Indonesia, when a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the region and their hotel partially collapsed. "We had gone out for dinner outdoors, when it struck. In just a moment we were on the floor. The water of the swimming pool was waving out. There was panic due to the tsunami warning. It was scary, we ended up on top of a hill with a little group of Italians. It was completely dark, with only our mobile phones' light. We spent the night with fear and the awareness of still being alive." (, 06 Aug 2018;, 07 Aug 2018)

He co-wrote a book named 'Risorgere e vincere' [To rise again and win] alongside technical director Giovanni Sirovich and psychologist Giorgio Nardone. The book tells about his career up until the 2011 World Championships in Catania, Italia. (, 06 Oct 2014;, 2012)

Major Results
Year Rank Event Venue
Olympic Games
2012 3 Team Sabre London, England
2008 3 Team Sabre Beijing, China
2004 1 Individual Sabre Athens, Greece
2004 2 Team Sabre Athens, Greece
World Championships
2019 3 Team Sabre Budapest, Hungary
2018 2 Team Sabre Wuxi, China
2017 3 Team Sabre Leipzig, Germany
2014 Quarterfinal Individual Sabre Kazan, Russia
2011 1 Individual Sabre Catania, Italy
2011 3 Team Sabre Catania, Italy
2010 2 Team Sabre Paris, France
2009 2 Team Sabre Antalya, Turkey
2009 5 Individual Sabre Antalya, Turkey
2007 2 Individual Sabre St. Petersburg, Russia
2007 3 Team Sabre St. Petersburg, Russia
2005 2 Team Sabre Leipzig, Germany
2005 5 Individual Sabre Leipzig, Germany
2003 3 Individual Sabre Havana, Cuba
2003 6 Team Sabre Havana, Cuba
European Championships
2019 3 Team Sabre Düsseldorf, Germany
2018 2 Team Sabre Novi Sad, Serbia
2017 2 Team Sabre Tbilisi, Georgia
2015 Quarterfinal Individual Sabre Montreux, Switzerland
2013 1 Team Sabre Zagreb, Croatia
2011 6 Individual Sabre Sheffield, England
2010 1 Team Sabre Leipzig, Germany
2008 5 Team Sabre Kiev, Ukraine
2007 6 Individual Sabre Ghent, Belgium
2005 1 Individual Sabre Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
2003 2 Team Sabre Bourges, France
2002 2 Team Sabre Moscow, Russia
2002 5 Individual Sabre Moscow, Russia